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Viewer Queue

Stream Elements' Viewer Queue system lets Twitch viewers connect with their favorite creators. 



StreamElements, a platform for video content creators, introduces the Viewer Queue for Twitch users. This feature streamlines viewer engagement by allowing queue creation, whether randomly or based on loyalty, facilitating interactions during live streams. For instance, creators can accept suggestions or level requests from viewers, enhancing the livestreaming experience. Through Viewer Queue, creators can seamlessly engage with their audience as viewers join activities using chat commands, all managed through their SE Dashboard.

My role

Project duration

I worked with my team leader and PM on user research, where I created wireframes, prototypes, final product designs, and conducted usability testing. 

2 Months

Problem to solve:
How can we increase viewer engagement?

How might we develop a user-friendly system that enables seamless viewer participation in livestream activities while equipping streamers with automated participant selection tools based on loyalty criteria, thereby enhancing the live-streaming experience for both viewers and creators?


Migrate creators from competitors to StreamElements.

StreamElements' business model hinges on connecting content creators and advertisers. To attract influential creators from competitors, many of whom stipulate the feature as a migration condition, enhancing community engagement becomes a strategic imperative.

Defined KPI


10% of Weekly Active Streamers activate the feature at least once.


5% of Weekly Active Streamers use it during a second or subsequent streaming session.


Who are the users?

The users are content creators (streamers), moderators (creators with large communities often have chat managers) and viewers. Content creators seek tools to engage with their audience, while viewers desire interactive participation during live streams.

Community statement

Comunity statments_edited.png

Inspiration and discovery

Competitors visual research

I reviewed Streamlabs, a competing streaming platform which also has a queue system and has the highest similarity score to StreamElements.

Streamlabs viewer queue.png

Non-Competitors visual research

The analysis helped me understand the basic functions of queues and in response to user interviews, we made our queue system more user-friendly by allowing queue settings to be edited while the queue is running.

Process and evolution

I tested the prototype below with 5 content creators.

Usability testing insights

  • Combining set and tracking into a single screen is more user-friendly.​

  • Users often need to edit queue settings during runtime, and a unified interface simplifies this.​

  • Queue access under chatbot for

  • intuitive interaction.​

  • Real-time parameter editing.​

  • Saving previous queue settings.​

  • Integration of conditional entry criteria for customization.

Final design

Considering Viewer Queue is an engagement tool, we placed it under "Loyalty" in the navigation bar, however we learned some users expect to start a queue when navigating to Chatbots, so we gave them both options.

Viewer Queue has 2 stages: Set up and tracking.

Before manual setup, users should enable the feature in the chatbot, where queue commands are processed and executed during livestreams.​

Set up

Provide content creators with precise control and customization:

  • Queue Label: Offers context and organization for managing different queues.

  • Entry Criteria: Allows creators to build trust and curate interactions.

  • Maximum Queue Size: Ensures efficient management and a quality experience.



Contains the following control buttons:

  • Add and Remove Users: Facilitate dynamic management of participants for inclusivity.

  • Pick First/Shuffle: Enhance engagement with flexible participant selection.

  • Pause/Resume: Maintain stream flow by temporarily halting or resuming queue activity.

  • Edit Queue: Allow real-time parameter adjustments for adaptability.

  • Close Queue: Ensure a smooth transition by straightforwardly concluding queue activity.

Six-month post-launch impact

Viewer queue introduction led to a 10% increase in user adoption and a 5% boost in user retention among Weekly Active Streamers.

Future plans

Based on measurements results, the following ideas will be considered


  • Corresponding Overlay Widget: Introducing a visual queue widget for stream overlays can significantly enhance viewer engagement and interaction.

  • Micro Animations: Implementing micro animations when moving items between tables can enhance the user experience and provide visual feedback.


  • Private Messages for Picked Viewers: Enabling private messages for viewers who are selected ensures important communications are not missed and promotes smoother interactions.

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