Tune Hunter

Mashup Maker App



Tune Hunter is a music app where the user can create mashup songs. The meaning of the name comes from a concept of “hunting” the songs/tracks and manipulate them through the app’s features. This project was created in 2017 as part of a UI UX course I took at Netcraft Academy.

My role

Branding, research, UI UX

Project duration

3 weeks

The problem

Yonatan loves live music shows and has a varied music taste. He has a passion for becoming a DJ but never actually got to try it as life is too hectic with a young family, full-time job, and an aging huge dog to take care of. Not to mention needing to save money to buy the house he and his wife dream of. 

How can I help Yonatan to validate his desire to be a DJ in a minimum resource?

The solution

Tune Hunter is an app for music lovers who want to lightly experiment with deejaying. 

With Tune Hunter, the user can search for songs/tracks he likes and create a mix of 2 or more. The songs/tracks are taken from the music provider to which the user subscribes (like Apple Music or Spotify). The app knows how to recommend songs/tracks that will mash well in terms of BPM. Tune Hunter allows the user to combine sound effects and save the final mashup. Tune Hunter will help Yonatan with an opportunity to have fun with creating mashups in a short amount of time and money. Tune Hunter will help Yonatan check if he is interested in investing more resources in deejaying in the future.


Man with Tattoo

Yonatan Lahav, 36, TLV

Married and have 3 young daughters, a marketer in a fintech startup. 

I know that to practice deejaying and make your own music, you need to have your own stuff. That costs a lot, so I want to try it casually first to get the feels.


He does not have much free time to take a deejaying course.

He does not have much money to buy expensive DJ equipment.


Admires DJs and would like to experience it for himself.

Boredom. Looking for some excitement.

Tune-Hunter_mockups for site-02.png


I learned and read about the world of sound and consulted with a two DJs I know. In addition, I looked at apps that have features that inspired me in designing Tune Hunter. 


Apple Music

•  Music lists
•  Songs recommendations 
•  Creating playlists



•  Feed 
•  Image editing capabilities 
•  Profile screen



Use of bright strong colors on a dark background



•  Stream music from different music providers
•  Creating and sharing playlists

User story

Yonatan watching a YouTube performance by DJ he likes. It inspires him to create a particularly cool mashup.

User journey

I constructed a user flow of the mashup creating process.

This helped me understand the interactivity of the product.

Tune- Hunter-User-Journey


Before designing, I drew wireframes that helped me decide on the behavior of the app, these led to the UI design.


I started from designing the app's logo. I wanted to combine an element from the world of hunting with an element from the world of music.

UI design

The inspiration to use bright and strong colors comes from the atmosphere of a nightly music show as well as Spotify's color palette. The design of the logo inspired me in choosing the font and creating the icons.



TH colors.png


The final product

The app design was inspired by mental models from existing music and social apps to convey simplicity and familiarity to the user.

User flow

The app allows the user to search, select and mix 2 songs/tracks or more and to create a mashup. The app allows combining sound effects during a live session. It is possible to adjust the effect intensity. The final mashup is saved in the user’s “My Mashups” screen.


Empathy is key

This was one of the first projects I did as a product designer. Although the product was fictitious, the need was real, and the persona was based on a good friend of mine. I enjoyed showing him the final product and get his enthusiastic feedback.