888 sport

888.com's Sports Betting Responsive System



888sport, launched in 2008, provides online sports betting mainly in European markets. Users can place bets on a wide variety of sporting events. I was part of a project to redesign the 888sport experience due to user’s low engagement. We redesigned and tested the home screen as the MVP.

My role

I collaborated with another designer in my team on UIX design, we worked alongside with two PMs and the R&D team.

Project duration

8 Months

The problem

Since launched, 888sport’s betting system was operated by a third-party platform which provides sportsbooks betting data, technology solutions and the visual interface. As a result, new features requests were stuck in the third-party operator funnel and took a long time to be released (time to market was slow). In addition, the UI was very generic and outdated within the landscape of competitors that are using the same platform.
Moreover, users complained on bad UX such as frustrating navigation, performance issues and lack of critical info that our competitors do provide.

The old system

The solution

Creating an enhanced experience for our users. An experience that will allow them to simply click a button and gamble in the shortest time.

This is what we did:

Disconnect from third party operator

Improve performance by rewriting the code. Improve time to market by developing our

own platform

Improve mobile UX

Mobile app was hard to navigate due to tile structured components that requires endless scroll to view events. We changed to side scroll lists

Redesign the UI

Create a brand new polished, professional look and feel that will be aligned with company’s unified product frame

Add valuable features

There was a lack of critical information like live sport events and horse racing stats that our competitors show


Market state:

“The global sports betting market was valued at around $104.31 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately $155.49 billion by 2024. 888holdings is one of the major contributors to the rise.”

- gambling.com

888sport compared to competitors

888 vs competiros.png

Ladbrokes, William Hil

  • Traditional

  • Interface cluttered / can be confusing

  • Slow experience


  • Less specialist than those leading the pack, but modern and relevant

  • Associations with Casino /Poker

  • Simple user experience compared to other brands

  • Can be slow / lag

Betfair, PP, bet365

  • Modern interface

  • Speedy experience

  • Good odds

  • Can be complex for infrequent bettors

  • Innovative – create your own bet

  • Paddy Power injects fun into the pack

  • Bet 365 feels the most popular and salient



Chris Mckenzie, 33, London

Sports enthusiast, tech savvy, loves horse betting since he was kid because his father was too. 3 years ago, he made his dream come true and bought a horse with 2 friends. He’s a Liverpool fan. Likes to place bets frequently.

When on downtime, I want to get a thrill, so I login and bet to relieve boredom. I would love to see my favorite events first.


Unintuitive experience which leads to spending more time to place a bet

Having a hard time finding his favorite sporting events in the app


Relieve boredom- get a thrill

When choosing a brand to bet on, it’s the welcome bonus, odds and the possibility of live betting

UI design

The inspiration to use bright and strong colors comes from the atmosphere of a nightly music show as well as Spotify's color palette. The design of the logo inspired me in choosing the font and creating the icons.



TH colors.png


The final product

The app design was inspired by mental models from existing music and social apps to convey simplicity and familiarity to the user.

User flow

The app allows the user to search, select and mix 2 songs/tracks or more and to create a mashup. The app allows combining sound effects during a live session. It is possible to adjust the effect intensity. The final mashup is saved in the user’s “My Mashups” screen.


Empathy is key

This was one of the first projects I did as a product designer. Although the product was fictitious, the need was real, and the persona was based on a good friend of mine. I enjoyed showing him the final product and get his enthusiastic feedback.