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Control Centre’s safe gaming dashboard:

A one-stop-shop, AI-based platform for safe gaming insights, controls, and tips.


CC-main image-04.png


Control Centre,'s AI-driven observer dashboard, is a major feature on the company's roadmap. The dashboard displays and monitors user gaming activity and provides easy access to safe gambling tools and information. This is a “one-stop-shop” for reviewing data and taking action accordingly.

The team

I collaborated with the PM on wireframes (UX) and created the UI design and prototypes.

Project duration

10 Months

The problem

Regulatory oversight of online gambling has become increasingly stringent in recent years, resulting in a tightening of restrictions on users' gaming activities. Some users are unaware of the limitations they can set and self-exclude instead. 
What could we do to educate users about being responsible before it becomes a problem and to preserve the company's profits at the same time?  

User research

In order to find out who are the problem gamblers and to understand their pain points, we conducted a gamblers type study. In our research, we learned that problem gamblers lose control over time and spending amounts.  

Research methods

Listened to case studies presented by the support team

Read gambling addiction articles

Watched documentaries about compulsive gamblers

Attend public open meetings of anonymous gamblers to raise empathy 


We have defined 5 types of gamblers personas, each of which can become the next persona in line if its gambling behavior changes:

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Gambler's type

Occasional Odette

Risk level


How should we act


"Online gambling is fun but I can barely find the time to play”

Smiling Guy

Gambler's type

Regular Robert

Risk level


How should we act


"Online gambling is one of my favorite activities!”

Man with Purple Shirt

Gambler's type

Heavy Harry

Risk level


How should we act


"I’m not a gambling addict, I’m just having fun"

Serious Man

Gambler's type

Abusive Alex

Risk level

Very High

How should we act


"I barely slept last night, tried to get my money back”

Image by Claudia Wolff

Gambler's type

Pathological Pam

Risk level


How should we act


"I can't stop whether I win or lose"

The solution

According to our findings, the Control Centre dashboard should display financial, time, and engagement KPIs. We can help our users practice safe gambling with the dashboard. With the Control Centre dashboard, they can monitor and understand their gambling behavior. 

Our high-level goals are for the dashboard to be


Help our users to maintain control while at the same time, improve business revenue by reducing the number of self-exclude users due to overuse  


Prior to the dashboard, it was difficult to find the responsible gaming tools on our platform. Our goal was to make it clear and easy to use for the user


Give users real data so they can decide how they want to act


Make it beautiful and pleasant to use, and let it seamlessly integrate with our gaming product's user interface


While working on the project, we had the personas glued on the wall in front us the whole time- to maintain empathy.

The Control Centre sections


Is my time and money activity meeting expectations?
Put transparency first and build trust.

Clicking the “i” will open a tool tip with a short explanation and an option to read more.

Activity KPIs and tool tip.png
CC-last 7 days-mockup in smartphone -upp


How can I control my activities?

Gives the user a sense of control and empowerment.


Each control tool is OFF by default and becomes ON once the user activates it.




Controls - ON.png
CC-last 7 days-mockup in smartphone - co


Am I in a dangerous trend?

Insights types

Insigt-active days.png

Empty states

30-days-Active Days-empty state.png
insights empty state 02.png

Cards' rear tooltip 

CC-last 7 days-mockup in smartphone - bu


Learn more about the product itself and the world of Responsible Gaming in general.

Account Restrictions

What will I do if I lose control anyway?
Gives the user a sense of "escape route" if necessary.

CC-last 7 days-mockup in smartphone - 2

Process and concept evolution

We used the card sorting method to find the right hierarchy of dashboard components. First on mobile and then on desktop.

Card sorting allowed us to preform quick changes while better understanding business needs.

Mobile mockup evolution

One of the challenges we had was solving the desktops' dashboard access.

First, we tried an iFrame option but eventually came up with the "Desktop-right drawer" concept that gave us a future solution for other products and had very strong 2 advantages:

  1. The user can continue playing without the dashboard hiding the screen

  2. Save dev time as it takes most of the parameters from mobile

Mockup evolution-desktop-i-frame.jpg

iFrame option

Mockup evolution-desktop-right side.png


Desktop-right drawer

Mockup evolution-desktop-hand sketch.jpg

Product’s main features

In 888’s industry leading Control Centre dashboard, players can:

Open directly from a mini dashboard

The product contains 2 dashboards: Mini and full.

The “2 versions” concept was inspired by running apps that cooperate with a fitness watch.

Once logged in, the user can go to the “user area” to take actions like viewing balance, make a deposit, withdrawal and view current stats in the mini Control Centre. If the user would like to get more information, he can open the full dashboard from the mini.

The mini dashboard provides last 24 hrs statistics, when a user reaches the full dashboard it is out of conscious and proactive action, and not "by chance" as in the mini. Here the user pays more attention to details and interacts with the content.

In desktop, in addition to the mini dashboard, the user can also access the dashboard from an icon that is in the main game area header.

Set proactive deposit limits 

The Controls section's Deposit Limits tool gives the user the ability to control his activity through positive limitations and inevitably gives him a sense of control and empowerment.

Set a Deposit Limit for the first time

Increase a Deposit Limit and enter pending state

Notice the progress bar in the mini dashboard (Last 24 Hours Stats) that is affected by the Deposit Limit use.

mini- Limit Resets - new Limit set.png

By the Control Centre state of mind, increasing an existing limit is an irresponsible action, therefor there’s a pending period until the new limit becomes available. The sand clock icon indicates the last change is on a pending period.


Set Notification Preferences

This Controls section's tool allows the user to set his promotional notification preferences. He can choose whether he want to receive email, SMS, post mail or none.

Set helpful reminders 

Set a reminder to keep track of how long you have been logged in.

User Testing

We interviewed 6 of our crowd audience users and made significant changes based on their feedback.

Unclear Deposit Limits usage 



Users referred to the highlighted amount as to “how much they got left”, although it was how much they have already used.



We changed the meaning of the highlighted amount to be as they thought it was and in addition, added an explanatory text regarding the limit amount. 

Unclear terminology #1


Reality Check-off.png

Reality Check was not clear and users misunderstood it's meaning.


Time Spent Reminder-off.png

We changed it to “Time Spent Reminder” 

Unclear terminology #2


  • “ProTips” were misunderstood as tips for better gambling as opposed to the intended meaning of “Safe Gambling Tips”

  • "Learn More" was ambiguous, testers didn’t know what is there more to learn


Information_Safe-gambling tips-Useful li
  • Once changed to “Safe Gambling Tips”, 3 remaining testers understood it perfectly

  • We changed it to "Learn More" to “Useful Links” to make it clearer



Safe gambling tips to bail out.

I think it’s important.

It's basic but looks futuristic, it exited me.

Ayo B.


This is a god sent app to me because it tells you when to stop. It's top nosh and easy to use.

Mohammed A.


I do appreciate a good little insight. Good way of seeing my spending and withdrawing activity.

Nathan M.

Control Centre post-launch statistics


of the users who opened user area, opened the full 
Control Centre through the mini Control Centre


of the users revisited the Control Centre, which 
means it is highly useful


of the users acted: set a Deposit Limit, took a 
break of self-exclude


Revenue decrease which we hope will pay off over time in lifetime value

What is next

Gradually adding users and markets: The Control Centre was soft launched in our Casino and Sport products, in a few markets and to 20% of our users as a test group 

Personalization: In the MVP, the personalization is reflected in the KPIs but in the future, the experience will be customize per each member’s needs and profile

More controls: in the MVP, the Control Centre launched with only some of the controls, the rest will be added later


Testing tools and timing is critical

We had a firm deadline to launch the MVP by Nov. 2020 and planed for first user testing on March 2020 but due to Covid implications we had many delays and ended up preforming usability tests later than expected and after it moved to development. No doubt if we were able to test it earlier it would have optimized and shortened the process, allowing us a second stage of user testing after implementing the first testing feedback. 
We conducted user testing with User Zoom. I first became acquainted with the company's amazing tool for remote user testing which is highly effective especially in Covid times.

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